Peer-Reviewed Articles

Abji, Salina. 2016. “‘Because Deportation is Violence Against Women’: on the Politics of State Responsibility and Women’s Human Rights.” Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society, 23 (4): 483-507. doi: 10.1093/sp/jxw004

Abji, Salina. 2013. “Post-nationalism re-considered: a case study of the ‘No One Is Illegal’ movement in Canada.” Citizenship Studies, 17 (3-4): 322-338.

Book Chapters

Abji, Salina. Forthcoming. “On the Role of Race and Gender in the Study of Migrant Adaptation in Canada” in Immigration and the Future of Canadian Society. Robert Brym (ed). University of Toronto.

Abji, Salina and Anna C. Korteweg. Forthcoming. “The Politics of Culture in addressing ‘Honour’-Based Violence: the effects of public debate on service provision” in ‘Honour/Shame’ Related Violence in Canada. A Jamal, F Khan and M K Mucina (eds). Toronto: Pomegranate Tree Group.

Abji, Salina. 2007. “Springing Up a Revolution: media education for tweens” in Re-Thinking Media Education: critical pedagogy and identity politics. Anita Nowak, Sue Abel and Karen Ross (ed.), Hampton Press, pp. 113-130.

Non-Refereed Publications

Korteweg, Anna C., Salina Abji, Lisa Barnoff, and Deepa Mattoo. 2013. “Citizenship, Culture, and Violence Against Women: social service provision in the South Asian communities of the Greater Toronto Area.” CERIS Research Report. Access PDF on-line

Book Reviews

Abji, Salina. 2006. “Performing Femininity:  Rewriting Gender Identity” reviewed in Canadian Woman Studies/Les cahiers de la femme.  Volume 25, Numbers 3, 4, Summer/ Fall p. 211.

Under Review

Abji, Salina. “‘Green’ Muslims in Red Bikinis: Environmental Racism and the Miss Earth beauty pageant” Peer-Reviewed Journal Submission.

In Progress

“‘No Borders, No Ban, No Wall’: Postnational Activism and the Security State” Book Prospectus.

“‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’: The Gendered Politics of Social Service Provision for Women with Precarious Immigration Status” Sole-authored journal article being prepared for submission in 2017.

“Postnational Acts of Citizenship: on the contradictions of a ‘No Borders’ politics for addressing Gendered Violence in a Securitized State” Sole-authored journal article being prepared for submission in 2018.

“Culture Talk, Security Talk, Community Talk: Addressing violence against women among South Asian communities in Toronto, Canada” Co-authored journal article being prepared for submission in 2017.

“Shades of Postnationalism: Revisiting an Old Debate” Co-authored journal article being prepared for submission in 2018.

“Risk and Uncertainty in Migration: Theory, Processes and Policy Responses” Co-edited Special Issue being prepared for submission in 2018.